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Help = shower makes toilet overflow

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  • Help = shower makes toilet overflow


    Hello everyone = I have a ranch type, one story house on a slab. No one has lived in this house for about six months till someone moved in about ten days ago. The bath that I have problems with has a toilet, a tub-shower, and a lavatory in it.

    There is a 4' teracotta main line running 3' along side (outside), the house. This line was broken and was repaired. Afterwards the toilet was flushed at least 10 times and was flowing well, and in good working order. The job was finished at about 11am that day.

    Later that night a family member attempted to take a shower. Soon afterwards the toilet started overflowing, and the lavatory started gurgleing.

    Can you please suggest what is wrong and needs repairing.

    Thank You For Your Help

    Cajun in New Orleans

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    Re: Help = shower makes toilet overflow

    Why not have the folks that did the repair look at it ? It appears You have a blockage that needs clearing. Hopefully a proper repair was made. Did You have a root problem?
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      Re: Help = shower makes toilet overflow

      does the house have more than 1 bathroom? if it has 2 or more, and the others are fine, then it's a branch line, either 3''or 4''. lots of times the sewer waste will dry, especially based on the time it was out of commission. the dried waste/ paper has created a stoppage.

      should be a snake or jetter to clean the line.

      does the rest of the house drain fine without affecting the tub/ shower?

      that's the real question.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Help = shower makes toilet overflow

        Like Rick money is on a branch line for that bathroom as long as the rest of the house is draining fine.
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