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tankless hot water heaters

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    Re: tankless hot water heaters

    Originally posted by Lee H View Post
    That's the $200 option, but only available at bestbuy, office max, staples......
    Called a UPS

    But for me it's called a whole house generator, I like to live comfortably and throw parties for neighbors when the lights on the street go out.
    A normal tank-gas water heater doesn't need either option.



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      Re: tankless hot water heaters

      Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
      Why are you looking at the NP240 and not the NR240?

      Ive installed 5 Navien NP & NR units since summer. Only had one problem with a NR unit. The plastic water flow switch blew off the brass nut connector. Water sprayed all over inside the unit. Looks like it may have been cross threaded at the factory. Of course the leak didn't show up until the unit was up and running for 3 days. I did notice a slightly different thread length (about 3 less) on the replacement flow switch. I'll post a picture if I can find it.
      Found the pic

      The flow switch on the left is the one that failed after just a few days. Came out of a Navien NP240 manufactured in May 2010. It looks to have been cross threaded at the factory.

      What I found interesting is the replacement flow switch has a much shorter thread AND a different thread pattern (thread spacing and not rounded at the edge) It mated to the brass nut much better than the original part.

      Click image for larger version

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