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Need Advice before replacing shower valve parts

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  • Need Advice before replacing shower valve parts

    Good morning. Sure could use advice or vote of confidence before I tackle this job. I have a 25 year old house. All original stuff. Shower equipped with 3 control knobs. Hot water doesn't cut off completely, leaving trickle that has been slowly getting worse. A few years ago, a neighbor came over and oversaw while I replaced these valves for the same problem. I purchased the thin-wall sockets for screwing the parts out. Had no problem. Questions begin now. I don't remember exactly what I did the first time around. Neighbor is gone. Someone else told me would be good idea to replace packing behind packing nut while I'm in there. Dude at local hardware sold me these small rubber grommet-looking things. Said to unscrew phillip head screw from tim, place grommet-thing on end, and rescrew back down.
    Do I need to replace packing? Do I even hafta remove packing nut, or can I just pull whole handle shaft thing out and replace the rubber tips.? Any warnings to look out for? I'm the generic equivalent of Tim Taylor, and I would prefer to do the operation without the assistance of c-4 or a Cat D-9.
    Thanks in advance,
    Lake Big Dog (Craig)

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    Re: Need Advice before replacing shower valve parts

    All you really need to do is take out the entire cartridge. On the inside end of them will be a screw with a washer behind it. Replace those washers. While you're at it, you should replace the seats as well. They are screwed into the actual part in the wall (will need a special tool to get them out). You simply unscrew and put screw in the new ones. Put it all back together and enjoy.

    Edit: Came across this website detailing the procedure. You could probably skip the step about removing the packing but you might as well do it while it's all apart.
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      Re: Need Advice before replacing shower valve parts

      thanks for the useful info. woke up this mornin surrounded by rowdy grandkids, so ambition and strength are waning fast, but going to attempt as soon as the witnesses leave. thanks again.


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        Re: Need Advice before replacing shower valve parts

        At 25 years of age, the one thing I would double check is the end where the washer goes....if the thin brass wall has started to chunk away, you just need to replace the whole thing. Otherwise, new washer will do it. I always replace the seats inside the wall, as well. You can just about assume that at least the hot one is bad. For two bucks apiece, and 8 bucks for a seat wrench, just do it.

        > make sure before trying to unscrew the stem that you turn the handle to at least part way open. Same for going back in.
        > the original cloth impregnated packing nuts can last forever. Loosen the packing nut, screw the stem all the way out. Clean and lube the threads, lube the inside of the packing, and lube the stem. Put it all back together, and then just snug the packing nut. If there is a drip, tighten it a little more.


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          Re: Need Advice before replacing shower valve parts

          Thanks. got rid of everyone. No witnesses if I mess it up a bit. Do i need to turn power off to the hot water heater prior to starting the dismantling? Someone once told me that if water level drops too low, an element can burn out.