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Watts washer machine solenoid shut off

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  • Watts washer machine solenoid shut off

    About 8 years ago We did a whole house remodel S.F. All New C.I. and copper. 2 laundry's ,one above the new kitchen. Under the washer the ,I installed a catch drain pan plumbed down to basement floor drain. Watts water sensor in pan and older intelaflow shut off. Yesterday morn buzzer starts screaming and solenoids shut off both water feeds. One of the WATTS little 3/16" black hose burst. She knew enough to also throw off the Watts hand lever,[ NO WATER DAMAGE ] I will go Sat. and remove the setup and mail back to watts for repair . Ever see this particular failure. I plumbed a new water pressure valve at the time ,and set to 60 psi. Will check House pressure this sat. Also the 2 solenoids were so hot I could not leave My hand on them! Thanks for any wisdom in advance Tool. PS Funny, watts created the problem, and came to the rescue!!
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