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Use Sewage Pump in place of sump pump

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  • Use Sewage Pump in place of sump pump

    We need to replace a sump pump at our rental property. We happen to have a brand new sewage pump, and we are wondering if we can just use that instead of purchasing a new sump pump. Will it work?

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    Re: Use Sewage Pump in place of sump pump

    It is a bad idea. A sump pump is designed not to pick up solids like an ejector pump. And most seepage pits get gravel in them which can tear up the impeller on the ejector pump.

    Unless you are 100% sure your sump pit only sees clear water and does have solid bottom and the inlets are sealed around the pipe and does not allow gravel into the pit, then you might get away with it.
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      Re: Use Sewage Pump in place of sump pump

      Quite a few sewer ejector pumps can also be used for dewatering. Whatever pump you have, you can look it up online through the manufacture, to see if you can use it.


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        Re: Use Sewage Pump in place of sump pump

        I would Rec to measure pit becarefull as most sump pump pits are eather 18" to 24" deap wear an ejector pit is 30" check the inlet hight of the pit and check the on and off of the pump you dont want pump to turn on when inlet pipe of pit is under water or it will add presure to foundation and not drain properly if the pit is 24" you might get away with it depending on pump but I would just say put a sump in ejectors are more $ anyway and you have it for a reason probably cause you also have a pit with a ejector
        SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME


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          Re: Use Sewage Pump in place of sump pump

          Sewage pumps usually move a lot more water than sump pumps, so cycling could be a problem. In other words, it would be going on and off where the sump pump would run more steadily. Cycling is bad for motors.

          Sewage pumps generally don't make as much head as sump pumps either, so be sure it will push the water high enough to get it out.


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            Re: Use Sewage Pump in place of sump pump

            probably not an issue for your application. i use sewage ejectors for my outdoor sump pits as they will pump leaves and debris much better than a sump pump.

            the zoller m267 i use will handle 2'' solids and basically anything that can get into the pit short of a tennis ball.

            the limiting factor would be the size of the pit and the height of the lift to a gravity system. also what size pipe. sewer ejectors are typically 2'' or larger. while a sump discharge is usually 1.5'' and larger.

            please answer these questions and list the pump specs you have.

            sight unseen, i would guess yes. but to be sure, need more info

            phoebe it is