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  • delta stem knockoff

    helped a friend out yesterday and his tub/ shower 2 handle valve that's 13 years old was leaking. it's a delta style stem and al i had were the cup washers and springs.

    what brand is this delta knockoff that's 4.5'' long?


    uses delta cups and springs along with the delta handle broach.

    seems to be a long delta stem.

    might be a home depot/ glacier bay?
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    phoebe it is

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    Re: delta stem knockoff


    Friday I ran into a single handle tub shower valve with a cartridge nearly identical to a Delta 1991 cartridge, but was not. I've looked for several hours without success. (I need an entire trim kit)

    Sorry I can't help you with this problem but did find this page which may help in the future with Price Pfister cartridges.

    Good luck!
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      Re: delta stem knockoff

      It looks a lot like the Oakbrook faucet stems They sell at Ace Hardware
      The length is a little longer though
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        Re: delta stem knockoff

        i just had one of these out here the other day.... except a kitchen faucet and it had a metal stem. went to furgesons with no luck.... finally just replaced the faucet.

        sorry i couldnt be much help....

        guy from wholesaler said it looked like a danco product....

        sorry im not much help


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          Re: delta stem knockoff

          You've been biting your nails again

          That ruler shows up great in the pictures