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RIDGID Power Spin Drain Gun Caused me a $1200 damage

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    Re: RIDGID Power Spin Drain Gun Caused me a $1200 damage

    Here is my take on this.... I am not a licensed plumber but just a general construction guy. I dont think 1200 is bad at all to tear up a slab and cut open a pipe. I cant say weather or not the guys that quoted you that were professional but they sound like they arent. If a self employed person charges 50 an hour they better be getting 40 billable hours a week. By the time you cover all costs associated with being self empoloyed that doesnt leave much. These guys charge 100-200 and hour, but you have to think there is no way in hell they are getting 40 billable hours a week. In an 8hr work day they may get 3 or 4. Take into account that they are a mobile business (vehicle cost, insurance, maintainence, fuel etc.) and thats not much room If they bill you 100 an hour they may keep 20 of that as proffit.

    I know first hand that as a contractor its easy to bill 100-200 an hr and not feel bad about it, but I know as a home owner Im going to try like hell to avoid it. HVAC being a great example. I can work on ac/heat systems but I am not certified and cant do freon. I use to be on call with some property managers and I didnt want the 3am phone calls to fix an ac, so I avoided HVAC work completly. I paid my AC guy to come to my house and look at my unit because it wasnt cooling. He knows how I am so he found the problem, and told me what it was. He knew I was capable of fixing it and that I wasnt going to pay for his time to fix it. I still had to pay him 70 bucks for his 10min of inspecting the thing, but I thought that was fair.

    Most plumbers I know are hacks and will rip you off in a heart beat. They are also the kind of people who dont care about their quality of work or improving anything about it. These arent the type of people who would go on an internet forum about plubming. When they get home from "work" the last thing they want to think about is work. The fact that these guys on this forum spend their time on here shows that they care alot about the trade and their work. Its easy for me to come on here every day and read their posts and forget that in the real world not everyone is as good of a tradesman or person as they are. Just be careful who you hire...


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      Re: RIDGID Power Spin Drain Gun Caused me a $1200 damage

      Originally posted by dennik View Post
      Post plumber, I'm not telling anyone how to run their business. This is the internet, it leaves a lot of room for wrong interpretation of what the other guy is meant to say so you have to cut people some slack.
      I was questioning some peoples practices, not yours personally. As a matter of fact none of you should take any of what I ask personally. I'm referring to certain companies or individuals who are just greedy and cook up inflated rates on the spot, by judging on the desperation of a client, and how much they think he can pay.
      Can any of you swear to me that there are no crooks out there? Even experts in here encourage me to get a referral from a friend cause getting a plumber from an internet site is a really bad idea. Are those experts rubbing you the wrong way too, cause they are smudging the good image of your profession? No. I never attacked anyone in here personally,
      In fact I didn't mind people pointing out my ignorance, and the stupid mistake I did.
      But gee, how much do I have to explain myself.
      Have you guys ever had to count dollars in your checking account until the end of the month?
      Have you ever been scared because the whole year has been very bad for the business and you can't tell if you'll be able to pay your bills in a few days?
      Have you ever had an emergency that made you rush into mistakes such as not reading important instructions on a manual?
      God knows, I bit my tongue about writing that thread title. And for complaining about those instructions. I wish I had them handy before I complained. But I returned that tool so that I have some cash to pay the plumber. Cause in case you forgot, I'm counting the dollars left in my checking account to make it through the month.
      And all of this cause I wanted to do the right thing and have another dependent on my house hold that would make the plumbing problem worse.

      I've thanked everyone who gave me every single piece of helpful information, even Ron, who then went on a personal crusade to prove how much of an idiot I am.
      I didn't hide the fact that I'm an ignorant to plumbing, and that is what you experts are supposed to help out with. Give back some of your knowledge to fill my ignorance.
      And cut me some slack cause I'm one frustrated, over stressed homeowner who has a family to feed and for the last time, doesn't afford to bring in the wrong plumber for the job, either cause he is inexperienced, or he is in to make an easy buck.
      Again I apologize for any of my posts that rub you all the wrong way. None of that was directed personally to any of you, but to certain individuals and companies out there that hurt the image of your profession.
      Thank you Rick and everyone else who decided to stay positive and give me some good advice, regardless of the negative posts.
      I came here to ask the experts, not to be mauled by them.
      That's all I had to say and I'm out of here.
      Have a nice day.
      I have removed what I said I am sorry I got a bit personal I apalagize
      SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME


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        Re: RIDGID Power Spin Drain Gun Caused me a $1200 damage

        Dennik lets start from the begining Ok now that you gave us a pic of the floordrain we have some idea of what you are talking about first off I hope you did not try rodding through the trap on that as I see the C/O off to the side and the trap is very tight and nearly imposable to make maybe Rick can with his reverse auger the c/o is where you need to do your work with auger to catch cable
        SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME


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          Re: RIDGID Power Spin Drain Gun Caused me a $1200 damage

          [QUOTE=dennik;314914] Have you ever been scared because the whole year has been very bad for the business and you can't tell if you'll be able to pay your bills in a few days?.[QUOTE]
          you know if you were to ask me this last june I would say no but last year 7/30/09 I got laid off from the company I worked at for almost 12 years had $25,000 in saveings no dete other then my wifes suv and house now when I got laid off I tried doing things on my own dont know if that was good but now I am in det no saveings and am fighting to go in forclosure with the house I have tryed to own for 12 years not nothing special 960 S.F. 3 bead 1 bath 1 kitchen and livenroom but its a place to call home for now till next summer so yes I no what its like to be scared because I cant pay all my bills
          SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME