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    Re: Saddle Valve Volume

    Originally posted by DUNBAR PLUMBING View Post
    Every time I replace a water heater, water lines where these saddle valves exist, I tee into the line (hard copper always) and use a 1/4 turn straight or angle stop, with a 3/8" to 1/4" brass connection. That way I don't have to buy specific angle/straight stops, have all my brass fittings in a small bag not to take up space.

    That connection then becomes a no excuse situation for the hvac guys that keep adding those saddle valves in to humidifiers, creating a christmas tree of leaking garbage on the water lines.

    It happens constantly in my area.
    Exactly , and use copper tubing..Plastic = more garbage.Years ago we were installing ice maker boxes with the plastic tubing . One piece of tubing got crimped so bad just by tightening with the brass insert stiffener that NO water was getting through it. I was thinking that maybe the box got missed being tied in at rough in time . The basement was finished so just assumed .Pulled out the plastic tubing while there was pressure on the line(don't ask me why)and instant water . Thank God the valve box was there . Could have gotten real ugly real quick
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      Re: Saddle Valve Volume

      Originally posted by dahlvalveman View Post
      Get rid of that saddle valve and install one of our tee & valve kits, part #33-2211. Can't believe these guys are recommending saddle valves when our product is on the shelf at all Home Depot stores in Canada, and in Ontario where we make this stuff no less!!

      Meets code, made in Canada and a 25 year warranty.
      No kidding.Them saddle valves are good for adding weight to your scrap collection.
      Is it no wonder. you cant get any water.after all its like drinking a pitcher through a straw.