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Air powered pump ?

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  • Air powered pump ?

    Am I thinking this correctly?

    considering making a air powered pump, it uses compressed air to pump the water instead of a piston or valve body,

    the reason is the old well has a lot of clay type particles in it and is plugging up or messing up the valves in a standard cylinder type pump.
    the fines have plugged up screens on the standard pumps we have tried,
    and have the valves not seal on popit type valves, ball valves work but I am not sure how long a brass cylinder will work pumping this type of water,

    OK the well is about 290 feet deep, for the sake of discussion we will say 300 feet deep,
    if I am figuring correctly the standing water column is going to have 132.9 psi on the bottom of the well @ 300'. (.443 psi per foot of elevation),

    OK the type of pump I thinking of making is similar to this, both are the same concept.

    the well has a 4 ID casing, so your nearly limited to a 2" pipe for the barrel of the pump
    the pick up tube in the pump is a 3/4" ploy pipe,

    the valves will be urethane balls, should seal better if dirt or grit is present,
    and barrel will fill by gravity or standing water psi, the urethane balls should be closer to the specific gravity of water thus helping it fill faster,

    the inside of 2" pipe, (for the sake of figuring I am using 2"), which should come out to 3/14 square inches,
    the pickup tube is 3/4" which is about .44 square inches, which gives a water surface area of about 2.7 square inches,

    so if it takes 130 psi, to more the column of water to the surface, if I am figuring correctly, 130psi / 2.7sq in, should come to 49.22 psi of air pressure on the water surface of the water in the pump barrel, so when properly cycled one should be able to bring water to the surface with an air pressure in excess of 49.22 psi,

    (yes I know one can "blow" the pump dry by not letting the column fill with water by blowing it out with air pressure), but if one wanted to cycle via a timer,
    (yes the air supply tube has to vent to atmosphere so the barrel has no residual air psi in it so water can enter),

    one should be able to pump with out having a two stage compressor correct? or air psi of over 100 psi. really any thing over 50 psi should pump water correct?

    to help get the clay off the bottom of the well, I may consider either a separate tube or one with a restriction on it to blow some air when it cycles, in to the bottom of the well, stir it up so it would be able to be pulled up with the water and pumped out,
    (it takes the clay a number of hrs to settle out of a bucket of water currently),

    may be the well is just gone, and not worth trying to rejuvenate, but my thinking is the clay is blocking the water infiltration rate, and making it a very low volume well, as from our information in the past it had pumped better,

    (I am just wanting to use the pump to clean the well up, and then will most likely convert it back to a standard cylinder type pump on a pump jack),
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    Re: Air powered pump ?

    You're a smart one BHD. I didn't read it all as I knew you would probably have it figured out better than I could.

    I have seen Air Pumps before. I think I remember an Australian company is big on them.

    Brumby pumps or Brumbee pumps?

    Anyway, there's worked but didn't seem to give a consistent flow.



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      Re: Air powered pump ?

      There it is....



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        Re: Air powered pump ?

        as we used to say. farm out, farm out. breid....................


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          Re: Air powered pump ?

          Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
          There it is....

          that thing was bad a$$ never seen a air powered pump like that thanks
          SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME