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    I'm looking to purchase a new water heater before the tax credit expires at the end of the year. I'm currently rebuilding my entire house (800 sq ft.) I'm almost done with underpinning my foundation to lower my basement about 1 ft.

    Currently I have a single shower/bathroom and washing machine. I'm planning to install radiant tubing in the basement and a second full bath. Many friends and radiant heat folks are recommending a Polaris water heater. These look nice but are very pricey. I would like to get quotes from local plumbers for the heater as well as have them do the install. I'll be laying out the radiant tubing and pouring the basement slab when I get to that point.

    It seems many on here like the bradford white heaters.

    I'll need a direct vent tank type heater as the plan is to remove the chimney in the spring to open up the floor space. Then next up would be a direct vent HVAC unit.

    I'm leery of the tankless unit, but not completely opposed to them.

    I would like to insure I have adequate hot water. No doubt it won't be a problem, as my requirements are fairly small.

    So what would you all recommend for my situation?

    Thanks, great list, lot's of good information here.


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    Re: Loaded question

    Bradford makes a direct vent unit as well.
    are you intending to heat the room and the potable water with the water heater? definitely doable but not ideal.
    As those on this forum smarter than I told me "water heaters make terrible low temp boilers"
    Originally posted by NHMaster3015
    No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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      Re: Loaded question

      Look at the Triangle Tube Prestige for domestic and space heating. Energy star compliant


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        you might try ask questions( the wall ). what pc said about triangle. also radiant and plumbing are kinda like electronics, measure twice cut once if it's not your discipline. breid...............


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          Re: Loaded question

          Thanks for all the information. Seems I have a lot still to learn
          I'll do some research on the boiler and other list etc.