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Replacing tub with shower- drain issue?

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    Re: Replacing tub with shower- drain issue?

    Originally posted by rjniles View Post
    OP here with a further update:

    Tub is out. Pretty easy- fiberglass tub meets saws-all. Here is the kicker, my fears were unfounded. 1.5" trap was feeding into a 2' drain. I will cut out the trap, relocate to the center of the opening and install a new 2" trap. Minor amount of concrete to bust up.

    Thanks for all the support.
    It seems like things are going your way, that's great!

    If you are not using a prefab base / shower pan then you might want to install an adjustable shower drain that uses a heavy duty strainer instead of one of the cheap stamped strainers. They cost a little more, but I believe offer a better long term experience. These heavy duty strainers also come in various finishes to match your shower trim if you're interested.

    Good luck.
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