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Vintage kitchen sink drain?

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    Re: Vintage kitchen sink drain?

    Originally posted by drtyhands View Post
    Even the family farms that were around when I was going through the critical learning stage are gone.The one I spent time on in the late seventies was sold off a few years after I left.The family sold their couple thousand acres,along with many other small land owners,off to a major player.

    This was where I learned many skills,number one being that self dependence was a necessity and possible.My favorite was brazing and welding.

    Our culture is too busy to do their own maintenance.I don't remember there being any Jiffy Lube oil change outfits being around when I was a kid.
    im like you when my dad was doing something i was right there learning how to do it . i still do that today when i see something new ,i ask questions .
    i love to make things my self

    good job BHD

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      Re: Vintage kitchen sink drain?

      I've got 3 kid's that can braze,MIG and do a proper brake job on a car,they don't use the welding skills much but each one has done brakes on a car and been glad with the money they put in their pockets.Any tool that I own is their's to use,just put it back where you found it.
      Steve in the trade since 73 doing new residential/Commercial work