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Jetted bathtub woes

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  • Jetted bathtub woes

    Sorry for butting into your esteemed plumbing section, I normally hang out in the woodwork section. However, I'm in need of some help please!

    We have a 10 year old acrylic bathtub, which has a basic 4-jet whirlpool system. The bath is completely tiled in, with just an access/vent panel at one end for the pump.

    My issue is that one of the retaining rings for the jets has cracked and broken. The other jets are cracked, but not broken. They're made of a hard plastic substance.

    Are these common parts? In fairness, they're old & showing it, so is it possible to replace the guts of the jets?

    And the crucial question - can they be repaired in place without removing the bath? If no, we may as well change the whole 9 yards, but I'd far rather refinish the bath and fix the jets for $1000 than effectively remodel the bathroom for 10 times that at present.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Jetted bathtub woes

    I know that you can change out the trim from the outside on the kohler tubs.....find out what make/model it is and then call up thier rep.