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Gas direct vent water heaters

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  • Gas direct vent water heaters

    Yesterday had a problem, requiring water at a residential gas direct vent water heater. took approximately 6 hours to fix a dishwasher problem. turned water back on, an hour later or so was informed there was no hot water. checked water pipes at tank, hot side was warm, warmer at base, and cold was exactly that cold. checked pilot, which was out, so lit pilot, set temperature.
    waited hour or more. turned on hot water tap, started out very cold gurgled a few seconds, then nothing. outside temp approximately 41 degrees, and inside
    set at 71. everything seemed ok, but same result. left hot side tap open during
    night to allow any air out, this morning at 6:50 am PST still no hot water or its
    pressure. cold water works fine though at any force. Was a step missed? Overlooked?

    Any ideas, suggestions, appreciated, and welcomed

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    Re: Gas direct vent water heaters

    di you have a mixing valve some where ,they may have gone bad and is now putting cold water into the hot pipes

    or the water heater has a tube on the cold inlet that takes the cold water to the bottom of the heater pushing out the hot . if this went bad ans is not there the cold water will take a short cut and go right out the hot side .
    run the hot water and go to the water heater and see it the hot pipe is very hot ,if it is not hot then that may be your problem

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      Re: Gas direct vent water heaters

      Sounds like you have several unrelated issues going on here.

      First, the cold water gate valve to the heater broke when you shut it off.

      Pilot outage could be thermocouple or condensation knocking the pilot out. Or knob was turned to OFF when repairs were being made.

      6 hour dishwasher repair?'re on your own there.