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Water Heater Leak

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  • Water Heater Leak

    I have a 10 year old water heater that recently started leaking water out through the pressure release valve drain. It's dripping and sometimes a thin stream, sometimes nothing.

    I replaced the Pressure release valve, but it's still intermittently dripping. Would tweaking or replacing the pressure release valve be the next step? Any other ideas?

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    Re: Water Heater Leak

    what is the water pressure when the heater is not heating and the pressure when it's heating and nothing running.

    the relief valve is a combination pressure and temperature relief valve. the most common is the pressure is getting to high from thermal expansion. the incoming pressure to the building should be less than 80# and more like 65#.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Water Heater Leak

      Thanks, I don't have a way of measuring the pressure, I also do not have an expansion tank. I do notice higher pressure in the fausets and then it levels out after 2-3 seconds. Could it just be the Reducer? Trying to avoid replacing the tank.


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        Re: Water Heater Leak

        for about $10 to $15 less one can go to a hardware store or big box store, and buy a Water Pressure Test Gauge that will screw on to a hose thread faucet,

        some have a needle in them that will stay at it highest pressure,

        with out knowing what the problem is it is hard to fix and may cost you much money replacing things that are not needed, and may not even "fix" the problem.

        is there a pressure regulator on the cold line coming in, is there a check valve (one way valve on the incoming water line)?


        below a picture of a pre made up pressure gage,
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