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Older Delta Pres Bal trouble

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  • Older Delta Pres Bal trouble

    Had a call today for hot water pipes banging like crazy
    Tracked it down to a 1600 series Pressure Balance valve, it has the older brass balance spool assembly and a reg old scald guard cartridge, it has the stops made right on the valve

    When it runs for 10 sec it starts to rattle like a loose washer { my thought is a strip of dip tube} I flushed the valve out every way i could great hot and cold at the stops but the hot is restricted in the valve body between the stop and the bal spool

    Tomorrow im going to try air and a shop vac to see if i can blow it somewhere

    After working on this i really appreciate the new style Delta pb valves

    Any thoughts ? Thanks Ron

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    Re: Older Delta Pres Bal trouble

    Put the air through the balance spool port and suction on the hot stop side and got the obstruction out.. my shop vac had some trash in it so i dont have a pic of the restrictor.. No dip tube evidance .. But the flow is back to normal and the rattle is gone
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