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    Re: Insulation?

    I would add insulation to lessen heat loss 120 degrees to 50 - unless the heat is migrating into living quarters where it is not really wasted.
    I would cut insulation away from the control areas so it does not cause problems withermostat.
    I.nsulated our hot water pipes as far as I could.
    At least electric heat is 100% efficient.
    I'd take an educated guess - but I'm unqualified.
    It ain't just soot, it's paydirt.
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      Re: Insulation?

      Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
      This is nothing more than a hypothetical question as I sometimes am just thinking. So the lowest temperature is not known.

      Just wondering if some places with cold environments (aka, low average temperatures) could somehow take advantage of the standby radiant heat loss from a tank.

      Could maybe work. But there would probably be problems with temperature control.

      Just thinking. Probably dumbly/dangerously.

      So what you have is a 40 gallon electric radiator in a manner of speaking.
      If that's the cheapest method available to heat the space then I guess it would be a reasonable approach. But I would bet there are less expensive ways to heat that same space.

      If you are talking a WH in a shed with no other heat and you are looking to depend on the lost BTUs from the WH to keep the space above freezing to protect piping I guess that would work. It just makes more work for the water heater elements to maintain the temperature of the water in the tank.
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        Re: Insulation?

        It might work if you lived in a hole in the ground.