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drain clog?

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  • drain clog?

    I own a small ranch house with 1 bath, kitchen and septic system...

    my kitchen drains are slow and back up when the dishwasher runs...
    my shower backs up until the sump pump kicks and then the water goes down...
    my toilet works fine...

    poured bottles of sulfuric acid down shower and kitchen drains...
    didnt work but smelled rotton egg odor in basement coming from
    sump basin.. so it was doing something somewhere..

    what could be the problem? and should I call roto rooter type service?

    help I'm a novice at home ownership...

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    Re: drain clog?

    Sink line needs to be cleaned out with a snake or a jetter. The shower I assume is in the basement and drains to a pump pit. Sounds like the switch on the ejector pump is turning on to late, so it needs replacing. Putting acid in the drain that goes to the ejector pump is a bad idea. It can ruin your pump.

    I would call a professional and have him clear you kitchen sink drain for you and check the ejector pump, replace the switch if it is replaceable and the pump is still in good shape, otherwise replace the pump as well.
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      Re: drain clog?

      Start asking friends and neighbors for drain cos., they would call back. When A name keeps coming up ,Bingo! A great find! Please stay away from the national Company's. More expensive than the small operator that needs Your support. Good luck
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .