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Thank you to the experts!!!!

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  • Thank you to the experts!!!!

    To all you masters of the plumbing universe- I just wanted to follow up and tell you the outcome of your advice. I disassembled my cold line, cleaned it all up really good, doped the shizzle out of everything and reassembled. NO MORE LEAK!!!! Also JC, the wires are safely tucked under the cover, strain-relief in place and everything. I just wanted to tell you guys how much fun it was talking to you all and how much I appreciate your time. You are comparable to my automotive heroes Click and Clack!!! Legends in their own right! What should we call you? Clinks and Clanks? Hiss and Sizzle? Whatever, you guys are my knights in shining copper (Ha! Ha!- NOT PVC).

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    Re: Thank you to the experts!!!!

    there are a lot of good people here that dont mind helping people it they think they can handle the work

    good for you to fix it on your own

    My seek the peek fundraiser page

    new work pictures 12/09