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    I am having to make a circle for a project from a 10" peice of 3/8 copper tubing using a lever type tubing bender. Than solder and pressure test to 110psi . I am having trouble bending it to get the circle. My circle is closer to an egg . Is there any tricks/formulas that may help me make a more uniform circle . This is only my second week as a student. Thanks for any information

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    Re: help

    Spring bender and a hole saw is probably your best bet.


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      Re: help

      probably a difficult task with a bender and a 3'' diameter circle.

      the trick is to bend as many short offsets as possible to form a circle.

      remember that a circle is 360 degrees. the bender will have to do small offsets to make a decent circle. not sure if 10'' is enough as there will only be approx 8'' of working tubing and then turn it around. the more small offsets, the better the circle.

      post a picture of the steps as you go

      phoebe it is


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        Re: help

        Bend it around your mammies kitchen bowl.Whutevah one you want.


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          Well I hate to say this out loud and some will be against it What I was taught to do Was Pack the pipe with sand and cap the ends tightly and with hard copper you can anneal it that will break down the molecularity structure for 24 hours or so.

          I have also filled the pipe with high pressure air and bent it BUT I was always scared of it blowing up or something

          BUT the sand is safe and if you flush it out and blow it out you will have round pipe
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            O. K. I'm ready.
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