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Replacing orangeburg piping

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    Re: Replacing orangeburg piping

    Originally posted by sewerratz View Post
    if you enter a manhole or break the plane with your head where the gasses in the manhole can overwhelm you you are in violation with the confined space entry. So yes the others are in violation if they entered the manhole with out the proper confined space gear.
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      Re: Replacing orangeburg piping

      Here in Winnipeg you have to be a licensed sewer / water contractor to do sewer line or water service repairs.

      Looking at the list on the city web page there are no plumbing companies on it, only excavation contractors.

      A permit for inspection from the Waste and Water department is required to do the work and a separate permit is required from the public works department to open a street, sidewalk or boulevard up to connect to the sewer or watermain.

      The homeowner owns the pipe to the sewer but our city will pay the full cost of all repairs on their side of the property line after certain conditions are met.


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        Re: Replacing orangeburg piping

        Originally posted by Gene Bickford View Post
        I am Leary of dig ups. Too much money to be made.

        So no one witnessed him video the line?
        Did he provide you with a dvd/vhs copy?

        Was the line camed at all after he got it clear?

        Is this a national Franchise company?

        Root intrusion alone should not be a valid reason to dig a line.
        roots should be easily removed so a proper inspection can be done.
        Perhaps the line has more issues, but something smells fishy.
        Absolutely agree Gene. The line should be cleared of roots, a camera run down to the sewer main, and the homeowner provided a video of the sewer which they can view at their leisure. Then the homeowner will have definitive information available on which to base a decision, and from which bids can be based.

        Also, if the homeowner has people who will help him hand dig to save money there's nothing wrong with that. Noting that if the sewer is deep, and the soil sandy, or extremely rocky the digging could be a massive job especially when you consider egress requirements.

        If the sewer is orangeburg and is failing perhaps sewer lining is an option.
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          Re: Replacing orangeburg piping

          The orangburg pipe I seen has gone oval, so sewer lining is not an option sadly. Pipe bursting is the best way to go in this case if they do not want to dig the whole line up.
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            Re: Replacing orangeburg piping

            Originally posted by toolaholic View Post
            You need an A license Here to dig in the street, I'm told. Is this typical? Too bad My Extendahoe has a 19 ft reach
            On man I have hoe envy....