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which sump pump is better

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  • which sump pump is better

    I have a M53 Zoeller sump pump in my basement. It was there probably about 10 yrs old before we bought this house. I am thinking buy a backup pump in case it dies in next storm.

    The Zoeller M53's impreller is plastic. Somebody says the M57 is even better because its impreller is cast iron. All others they are the same.
    M53 is here:
    and M57 is here:

    which one I should take?


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    Re: which sump pump is better

    The m57 is a better pump


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      Re: which sump pump is better
      here is the link to zoeller is the 57 a little better then the 53 yes but thats like asking is a merc. marque better then the ford crown vic they are almost the same pump they have the same curv rates and every thing just the impeller and bottum of the housing is cast on 57 were the 53 its plastick if you feel more better spending more $$$$ on that then go for it but the 53 has a long track recored and is a great pump
      PS mine hase been in my house for 12 years and still no problems and I have the 53
      SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME


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        Re: which sump pump is better

        if your looking for a pump to do mor GPM then look at the M 98 from zoeller
        SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME