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Jetter hose for two inch pipes....

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  • Jetter hose for two inch pipes....

    I need a new hose! It's been so long since I've bought a small hose I'm not sure what to get. Right now I have the 1/4 ID hose. But looking at the US Jetting site, they sell both the 1/4 and 3/16. This jetter puts out 4000PSI and 18 gallons a minute. I use a gun(like a pressure washer) and turn the pressure way down for two inch lines. Looks like the choices are either a 1/4 ID or 3/16 ID. I am also going to buy some new nozzles but I want to get hose right. Thanks. Tom

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    Re: Jetter hose for two inch pipes....

    If 1/4 inch has been working for you stick with it. you will get more flow (gpm) with the larger size hose. 1/4 is also more common in case you need it repaired.