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High Drain and Double Sink

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    Re: High Drain and Double Sink

    Originally posted by Robert Gift View Post
    My boss calls me useless landfill.

    Organics in a landfill break down much more slowly and when they do, are worthlessince they are buried inside the landfill.

    Sludge from a sewage plant is dried and spread as fertilizer.

    Many people find that waste usually put down garbage disposers is too bothersome to collect and retain and take out to compost.
    Our compost sometimesmells and the neighbors don't like it when having a barbeque out back. So we have stopped.

    Like Kermit said: 'It's not easy being green.'
    See again I do not see where the thinking in this comes saying that Organics in a landfill break down much more slowly. I always thought landfills wanted organic wastes verses they stuff that takes 100's of years to break down like sytrofoam.

    I still stand behind me telling my customers to save their money and do not buy a garbage disposal.
    Originally posted by Flux View Post
    The majority of my kitchen sink installs, are because of new counter tops going in. I would get thrown out of the house, if I told them they had to remove the base cabinet so I could lower the tee.

    It's been awhile since I've been on a full kitchen remodel.
    The calls I get people are getting all new cabinets and counter tops. If they are still doing just a counter top and sink I explain to them I need to open the wall and lower the waste tee so we can properly plumb in their new sink.
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      Re: High Drain and Double Sink

      Originally posted by Robert Gift View Post
      The mini sewage treatment facility (for a large trailer park) where I helped out has an influent masher/grinder. (A very dangerous device with no OFF switch near it. It is protected by a removable grate.)
      Don't all sewage treatment plants have such a device?

      (From the grit collector just before it I retrieved a bottle of cologne which I cleaned up. I gave the genuine eau de toilette to my boss for his birthday.
      After he used some I told him from whence it came!)

      I'm surprised they would be concerned about garbage disposal material.
      Its the grease they are worried about caking the pumps up. Also if they have problems with your lateral and they find grease they will bill you for it now.


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        Re: High Drain and Double Sink

        garbage disposals are a plumbers/ drain cleaners best friend. people don't know how to poperly use them and therefore plug up the line.

        between the grease and sludge, there is always going to be work cleaning the drains.

        personally it's a lazy persons garbage can.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: High Drain and Double Sink

          Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
          garbage disposals ... personally it's a lazy persons garbage can.
          My wife loves her garbage disposer - me!
          I love our garbage disposer and GE refrigerator with hatch in the door: Leave refrigerator door closed. Hatch opens down, reach in and take milk out without the cold pouring out of the refrigerator, hatch becomes convenient work deck, set milk back in shelf compartment, done. Save time,nergy and effort.
          Naturally, GE no longer makes this intelligently-designed refrigerator.
          Last edited by Robert Gift; 01-24-2011, 10:27 PM.
          I'd take an educated guess - but I'm unqualified.
          It ain't just soot, it's paydirt.
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