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Single-bowl or double-bowl 33" kitchen sink?

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    i'm sure they could. but the pit will fill up a lot faster a lot lot faster. this probably is a code violation. so. also where will they be getting the water. if they use 20 gal a day they will not be able to collect that much. they could put in a cistern for greywater and then pump it through stool. having an outhouse is really not as much of an inconvenience as most people think. we used a spring feed stream for bathing. a bit brisk but wth. lol. breid.............


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      Re: Single-bowl or double-bowl 33" kitchen sink?

      Originally posted by reisenbeck
      I want to install a new kitchen sink that has a durable finish, but I don't want to use stainless steel.
      I like cast iron porcelain sinks. Very durable, clean up great and no water spotting like stainless.

      Single bowl sinks are fine, unless you have a garbage disposal or no dishwasher. With a disposal, IMO you *need* a second bowl, or your flatware will frequently find its way into the disposal. Without a dishwasher, a second bowl makes hand-washing the dishes easier.