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anything wrong here?

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    Re: anything wrong here?

    Originally posted by OLD1 View Post
    Instead of utilizing the existing test tee for the connection , The plumber probably should have removed the piping out of the hub above the floor , installed another cleanout , stacked a 3x2 tee on top of it for your washer drain, and if longer than 6' installed a studer vent(legal here)..Tied back into the cast iron above it with a fernco and shearband...Or something similar.. The inspector probably had an issue that there is not a 3" cleanout for that stack now..just my .02
    The only thing that would concern me would be..if the Plumber who installed it originally, didn't use a rise clamp above.

    If it's my house..the C.I. could drop down to hell, as I would rip out the entire house anyways, and install PVC.
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      Re: anything wrong here?

      If its working as it is I would leave it....maybe install a cleanout above where the washer connects for the future.

      I could go from house to house and find that kinda stuff....not that big a deal.


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        Re: anything wrong here?

        It's existing. It's not done correctly but it will work. I'd leave it alone.