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Bear of a time, working on frozen pipes,

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  • Bear of a time, working on frozen pipes,
    BOULDER, Colo. -- A plumber checking on some frozen pipes in a crawl space at a cottage in Boulder was surprised last week when he suddenly heard growling.

    "He waved his flashlight around and saw a bear," Boulder Community Hospital spokesman Rich Sheehan.

    The bear had apparently decided to hibernate in the crawl space of a cottage used occasionally by hospital employees.

    State wildlife officials were called in to get rid of the bear.

    They decided the best approach was to make the environment noisy, Sheehan said.

    They put a boom box in the crawl space and the bear was gone the next morning.

    The workers had turned on country music.

    Officials replaced the crawl space cover to keep the bear from returning.
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    Re: Bear of a time, working on frozen pipes,

    damn smart bear. i would have left with the bear if i had to listen to country. breid....................


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      Re: Bear of a time, working on frozen pipes,

      So the plumber bearly made it out of there?
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