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navitrack problem

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  • navitrack problem

    I have an original Navitrack that I bought used,When demo'd to me it appeared to work.
    I just bought a Ridgid sonde and tried it in the street and the screen was going crazy and the arrow was going around the racetrack. the equator and pole secreens did not work as shown in the instructions. (I downloasded them from one of your earlier posts, thanks to all)
    When I place the ball directly over the sonde the display came on and the depth measurement was right on. Does it need to go back to Ridgid for service? T.I.A.

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    Re: navitrack problem

    first thing i would do is change the batteries in the navitrack.

    also the sonde is usually located below the level of the navitracks antennas. try pushing it into a known line that's below you.

    see if that helps.

    do you have a camera with a built in sonde to try it with too?

    phoebe it is