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  • Youngster From Scotland!

    Allright everyone ?
    I have a few questions for the experts here.

    Im 18, currently doing a plumbing course at college, (1 year, will NOT make me a qualified plumber).
    I wish to move to Canada in the near future and I am wondering if it is likely that i can get an apprenticeship in Canada.
    I will , hopefully, be flying out to Canada (not too sure where abouts yet, pref BC or AB) next ear via BUNAC.

    Would appreciate any help on the matter, cheers.

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    Re: Youngster From Scotland!

    I did my apprenticeship in Alberta and worked there in the trade over 10 years. Good training there and in BC whare I am now. Check out these links, and you should get a pretty good idea what is required in both provinces. I suspect any training you are getting now may only be recognized as pre-apprenticeship training though. You can use the links and ask questions directly to the provincial training bodies.