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What have I done wrong? (Removed pre-plumbed basement PVC)

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  • What have I done wrong? (Removed pre-plumbed basement PVC)

    The pre-plumbed PVC pipes and vents for toilet, lav and shower/tub where right in the middle of the basement and in the way.
    (I pulled the pipes up and cut them so that they terminate below the structural wood floor.
    Over all the ends I slipped baggies held airtight with rubber bands.)

    1. May I solvent weld caps on the pipe ends in the floor and just leave them?

    There is enough room under the structural wood floor that I can run PVC pipes to a toilet and sink in the corner.

    2. May I run a vent horizontally from the 2-inch vertical vent to the toilet and sink if I maintain a 1/8 inch down-slope?

    Thank you.
    I'd take an educated guess - but I'm unqualified.
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