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wall hung vs. floormount or other option WC

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  • wall hung vs. floormount or other option WC

    I'm needing to add a flush toilet to a 2nd floor bathrm that previously had an incinerating toilet, but now has a septic system. Options may be limited because the bathrm is located over the kitchen, the finish floor is a 2x6 t&g over 4x12 exposed framing and a chase is not desired. I had hoped a saniflow toilet would work but the house is off the grid and their specs say not recomended with genorators. there is a horizontal run of 11' to the main stack (abs), but given the run and the height of a rear discharge I'm not sure if I can get adequate pitch without putting the throne on a platform. i've installed plenty of floor flanged wcs but not a rear discharge. Any useful thoughts or advise would be appreciated.

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    Re: wall hung vs. floormount or other option WC

    Can you reposition the toilet to an outside wall or more favorable location? (I did that in my old house.)
    Would the wall be strong enough for a wall-hung toilet?

    If you can insert the 3-inch L up into the wall, that would allow a higher starting point for the 1/8-inch/foot slope.
    I'd take an educated guess - but I'm unqualified.
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      Re: wall hung vs. floormount or other option WC

      I may have read this wrong, But from what I can remember, a rear discharge WC (Toilet) will discharge at a higher elevation.
      If your In the cold country like I a'm, Dont run your water pipe to that toilet on the out side wall.
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        Re: wall hung vs. floormount or other option WC

        Thanks for your suggestions.
        However, I think my stumbling point is the fact that I have a fitting between floor height and an awkwaed over cabinet space below that i'll have to remove and replumb to get anything to it. I guess I was hoping for an easier way. It may make sense to swap the toilet with the vanity on the layout though. Currently, the tub RH is on the outside wall then vanity then toilet space. the plumbing wall is only 2x4 so I'm planning to put in a 2x6 half wall in the adjoining bedroom creating a headbd shelf and running the new 3'' drain line in that to a closet in that room that is parallel to the tub and where the main ABS stack is.


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          Re: wall hung vs. floormount or other option WC

          I guess I should have mentioned earlier that the drain all has to be above the floor 'till I get to the closet, which is why the pitch could be tight.


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            Re: wall hung vs. floormount or other option WC

            I'm not positive, but I would think you could make this work with a wall hung toilet - it would take some effort.

            I have used mostly geberit carriers on the wash down wall hung toilets I have done. Typically we would get below the sub-floor immediately and start running through our floor joists. Obviously you don't have that option.

            The height of the toilet is adjustable. You MAY be able to set the bowl at like 17" or so (like a chair/comfort height bowl) and turn the fitting before you penetrate the sub floor. I would consider framing a chase in the plumbing wall for the second floor bathroom in order to run the piping through. 1/4"/foot over 11' = 2 3/4" of pitch - you may be able to make it work.

            Never done anything like it, just a thought.
            Check out ( you can see some examples / pictures of the carrier.

            Good Luck


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              Re: wall hung vs. floormount or other option WC

              thanks Dougie,
              I'll check out that sight and fixture. Yes, I was planning on building a chase wall next to existing wall. However, every inch is needed to preserve the aesthetics of the adjoining room. (master bedroom)Everything in there is custom built to fit. Compromise will be a necessity.