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Worker trapped in trench in Arapahoe County

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  • Worker trapped in trench in Arapahoe County

    An excavation worker became trapped in a 12-foot trench tonight while doing repairs to a ruptured sewer line outside an Arapahoe County home.
    The man's legs were pinned when a portion of dirt from beneath the home at 7929 S. Joplin Court in Aurora, Colorado collapsed on him from the side of the trench.
    South Metro Fire Rescue spokesman Andy Lyon said he could not assess the man's injuries at 10:40 p.m., because the worker was still trapped, about two hours after the mishap.
    "He's conscious," said Lyon, as he talked on his cell phone nearby the trench.
    He said the progress was slow because a lot of dirt from the side of the trench could still come down, and crews were working cautiously to prevent more of the trench from collapsing on the man or rescuers.,,0,-0.74


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    Re: Worker trapped in trench in Arapahoe County

    Godspeed to him and his loved praying for him...
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      Re: Worker trapped in trench in Arapahoe County

      He better of had shoring, or a box, it's a gamble too many take.
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        Re: Worker trapped in trench in Arapahoe County

        Considering this trench was at a residential home I can only assume that it wasn't very wide. If that's the case then working 12 feet down without the precaution of a trench box was certainly not a good decision.
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