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Co Drain Pan and Condensation drain

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  • Co Drain Pan and Condensation drain

    Dear Plumbing experts,

    Can I run the Condensation drain from my direct venting water heater (polaris) into the propane pan drain? The condensation drain drips a bit of water now and then. It seems to me it would be safer to known that the propane drain is unblocked than to have it be totally unused. If the condesation water backed up into the propane pan then I would know that the propane drain/condensation drain pipe is plugged.

    Thank you for you consideration of this thing. I am in Monterey California.

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    Re: Co Drain Pan and Condensation drain

    You need to check your code.
    Not sure what you mean by propane pan. is it to catch the condensate off of a propane tank?
    If it is metal I would not the condensate from your water heater is acidic and will rust the pan.


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      Re: Co Drain Pan and Condensation drain

      Hmm, I suppose this question is too vague to be answerable. I will try to modify it.

      The propane powered hot water heater is sitting in a "pan" (maybe in case some water or propane escapes the heater?) . The pan has a 1-inch drain made of PVC. I extended that PVC to go to the outside of the house.

      Next, The hot-water heater (American 'Polaris') sucks air in and pumps it out during its operation. On the outflow air vent is built in a drain for condensation water. The instructions from the water heater related to the condensate drain are:

      Do not common drain with the temperature and pres-
      sure relief valve or the condensate line from an air
      conditioner evaporator coil.
      • Slope the condensate drain toward the inside floor
      drain or condensate pump.
      • The condensate drain line and connection to the drain
      piping must comply with all local codes.
      • Do not run the condensate line into the drain pan.

      So, my thinking was that as long as I get the water into the drain line coming from the pan then it is OK.

      Next !!
      I recently heard from the Building inspector... he shot me down. I must run a separate drain line for the 1/2" condensate all the way to the outside... Building inspectors, you never know what they are going to dream up. It seems to me that the guy is incorrect as the manufacturer does NOT say "Do not common-drain Condensate drain with pan drain".

      Oh well... more work for me.. He also sent me back to the planning department because he didn't like the way I stapled up the pex in the joist bays beneath the upstairs living space... It is a never-ending cycle... my second trip back to planning... expensive paperwork... wo is the day.

      Details on Hot water heater.