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  • Septic and well

    We are moving, finally! to be with our daughter in WA state. She put an offer in a house in Stanwood area but we never had a septic or well and we are not familiar with inspections or companies that do inspections in this area. Seller will hire for the septic inspection and she has to hire for the well inspection.
    Anyone in this forum have an idea of those inspection costs?

    I think the inspection co can pump and check the septic condition, but is there a way to check the drain field?

    What type of inspection is required for the well?

    How we know the before and today flow rate?

    Will be convenient to have a maintenance agreement for those items?

    Any suggestion on companies names in the area?

    I appreciate any help and thanks

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    Re: Septic and well

    call several and ask. breid..............


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      Re: Septic and well

      Septic inspections are done many different ways. I have taken several courses on septics through the stae of MD and most septic inspections r not done correctly. Number one u never pump before u inspect . U need to see the levels of ten invert at the inlet and the outlet. U need to make sure the baffles r still in place. On the outlet side of the tank I always find the pipe to the distribution box. I dig box and view drain fields and make sure all fields take water evenly, I also make sure the box is not filled as this would indicate possible failure of drain fields. I also hook a hose up and run water in ten distribution box for 30 minutes to see if fields are functioning. There a many different types of systems and can be a bit more complicated at times. Find someone who is knowledgeable and charges more then 90 dollars and does more then just flush a toilet a few times. The unfortunate thing with these inspections is that u can do a thorough inspection and all could be fine, the next week it could be done. I also poke around the sides of the tank and make sure there are no leaks especially if it's a mid seam tank which most older ones r. Most plumbers do a crappy inspection for 90 dollars. I won't do this , mine is from 450 to 600 dollars. I sometimes bring a skid loader in as I am not as young and strong as I was. The plumber should also have a interview with the owner asking many questions. How old , how many bedrooms, what is size, how often have u pumped. Has their been any repairs made ? Is the tank metal or concrete. These inspections r going to be done a lot more thorough in the future due to politics and the push for very expensive pretreatment systems for nitrogen removal . 20 years from now ever state is going to make strict laws for repairs, systems within a certain distance of critical water areas and a flush tax that has been instituted already in many states. That's another story in itself. Wells should be check for yield rates , depths and any bacteria. Health departments r a good resource for your septic system and wells r regulated by the state. U can get access to both. Hope this helps.
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        Re: Septic and well

        Fred gave a good spiel on the Septic part. And he's right about testing for Bacteria. That's a must, E-coli and Total Coliform for sure and if you have copper plumbing, you might want to check for lead in the house. Have someone that knows how to use a meter to check the windings on the motor if it's a submersible. He should also check the amperage when the motor is running. Check the tank, expecially if it's a bladder tank. There are a lot of them out there (namewise) with only a handful of manufacturers. Get his advice on the quality and condition of the tank. If there is water purification, have him check that out as well.