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    I am planning on putting an outside kitchen in on a covered patio area. I live in Western Oregon, have fairly mild winters, don't have any major freezing issues and need advise to insure that I rough in the plumbing properly . At times it does get down to 30-35 degrees and I would defiantly be turning the water off in the winter months.
    My plan is to tap off from the inside using my laundry room washer hook up, then teeing off for the hot and cold water supply, as well as the drain. The outside is Hardi Plank and I should be able to drill pilot holes from the inside, then come in from the outside for the actual larger size holes.
    Any suggestions for the right materials / installation tips would be appreciated. I am attaching a picture of the location that I will be tapping into for the lines.
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    Re: Outside Kitchen Sink Advise

    In our house I tapped into the 1/2-inch copper hot and cold lines under the utility sink similar to what you have there.
    I installed valves which connect to flexible hose dishwasher supply lines.
    If there is a hard freeze, I can disconnect andrain the lines and trap and the single-lever faucet sprayer hose.
    I connected to the sewer line but wanto directhe gray water into the back yard if I could find a cheap valve.

    Our local plumbing code won't allow anything that requiresomeone to have to do anything to prevent freezing.
    So if we sell the house, I suppose I'll have to disconnecthe lines.
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