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    I just have a question about replacing my Well-x-trol 202 pressure tank. We had my submersible well pump replaced this past fall and the well guy said i should replace the pressure tank within the next few years..this has bothered me since he said that..what did that mean?? is it shot or not right? Anyway now i notice the pump is cycling when there is no demand. i shut off the supply valve to the house after the pressure tank. I notice at 39# the pump kicks on, at 62 it shuts off, right away it drops to 58# then very slowly over the next 20-40 minutes or so pressure will go down so the pump will come on again. Is this a check valve problem on the new pump or is it the pressure tank? Otherwise the system functions good.

    if it is the tank is bigger better? go with a 40 or a 80? Please Help, Thanks

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    Re: well Pressure tank

    With tanks, bigger is always better. The less your pump cycles, the longer it will last. It's just that simple. Well X Trol is one of the two top of the line tanks. They don't last forever, however there seems to be no rule for their longevity.

    If your valve works and the pump is still cycling, you have a leak somewhere between that valve and the pumps check valve. It could be a hole in the droppipe or the check valve could be leaking. Either way, the pump will have to come out to see unless it's in the horizontal line from the well to the house.

    The reason he said you will have to change the tank is because of it's age. Like I said, they don't last forever.

    Another thing you can do, is stay with that size of tank and go with a constant pressure valve. You can learn more about them here: Constant pressure valves