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Braford White Icon difficult to adjust temp

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  • Braford White Icon difficult to adjust temp

    Hi: Homeowner here, have two new Braford White gas hot water heaters with Icon control. I have one and daughter has one.
    The usable temperature span on these controls is about 1/32 of a turn, trying to hit around 120 F,little low 115 little high 128F. It is a real pain to adjust with such a small control area. Anyway to adjust the span of these controls as to give a more usable range.

    Can't believe they spent 4 years on the design and over looked something so simple.
    Please give me back the old analog controls.
    Thanks Old Mike

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    Re: Braford White Icon difficult to adjust temp

    bradford makes an accessory pack that connects to the new icon gas valve. one portion of that accessory pack is a separate thermostat, which, as I understand it will be a programmable tstat.
    Originally posted by NHMaster3015
    No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.