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Glue question - metal and water, plastic & water

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  • Glue question - metal and water, plastic & water

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if anybody could recommend a good brand of glue for use underwater or in wet areas such as the following.

    1) Cracked swimming pool skimmer. Lower water level, fill the crack with 'glue', let dry for 24h and bingo!

    I'm trying to find a specific glue that we called 'sculpting paste'... but I'm sure that can't be what it was really called... ;-)

    2) I've used it to bind metal to plastic. Like a metal pressure gauge into a cracked plastic thread (not sure why but I did).

    It should also be good under high pressure 60 PSI or less situations, like a swimming pool filter head that has cracked in a small area. Basically, it has to plug a crack that is normally wet.

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    Re: Glue question - metal and water, plastic & water

    Contact West Systems (google it for the website) and explain what you're doing. They make high-end epoxy that is popular for marine applications. You typically use their resin, hardener and one of a family of filler powders that they manufacture. I have had good success with their materials, but it is important to follow the directions exactly.