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Do Sump Pump Pit Basins Matter?

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    Re: Do Sump Pump Pit Basins Matter?

    I'm down with the 24" x 30" sump/sewage basin. I've found one spot on line, cost was $295 + $125 for shipping. Seems a tad high?


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      Re: Do Sump Pump Pit Basins Matter?

      I chose the Saber Sump Pit. It's 18" at the top and 24" at the bottom. This helps my limited space but gives me more space at the bottom. It has a clear top. I thought that would be good to be able to view the water level without opening the lid. The lid is ok but it isn't the best quality. It’s just thin Plexiglas. If one feels that they would like to insulate the lid to reduce noise the clear lid would be useless. -They have the choice of pre-drilled whole or without holes for sealed use for radon (it also comes with a rubber seal). It has a stand for the pump as well as a lip to keep sediment away from the pump. My plan is to use a wet-dry vac every once in a while to remove any possible debris. The pit is thick enough. After the ½” washed stone and concreting it in – it is sturdy.

      BTW – I used poly filter cloth around the entire French drain trench – then encased the ½” washed stone in the poly filter cloth (all 4 sides. I also wrapped the perforated pipe with the filter cloth. Along with that I wrapped the pit in the filter cloth.

      I chose the Liberty 1/3 hp pump thinking that it should be strong enough for my use. I like the theory that the float sits close to the pump and rises up and down as opposed to swinging out - reducing the chance of the float getting stuck. Also I like its cast iron body and construction. I do feel a good pedestal would have been better as the motor is out of the moisture and I would think it would last longer but they are 4 times more expensive for a good pedestal and I didn't want to break the bank. Because I needed to add a flow valve – I drilled a 1/8” whole about an inch from the outlet of the pump (in the pvc) to prevent possible air lock of the pump.

      Click image for larger version

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      All looks good and is tested but there has been a heat wave here without rain but we will get rain sooner or later.

      Thanks for all of the help.
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