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Ridgid 500 sewage pump keeps on running

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  • Ridgid 500 sewage pump keeps on running

    I also have had problems with the Ridgid 500 sewage pump running after discharge. I contacted Ridgid with how I solved the problem and they turned me on to a water system company and I sent them pictures of what I made installed on a pump but they were not interested.
    The problem is that waste collects on top of the pump and hangs over onto the sensor which turns the pump on and makes it run until the sensor is cleaned.
    I made a sensor cap that makes the waste flow to the back of the pump and never allows it to build up on top of the pump solving the continuous running of the pump.
    You would need to open the cover of your holding tank, clean off the sensor and press my cap on top of your existing pump making sure it is a tight fit. Than close you cover and flush away, problem solved.