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  • Plumbing pipes

    Hi there. I am renovating my bathroom in my basement and was wondering:
    I have removed my bathtub and am putting in a shower stall. I need to move my pipes over 2 inches and foreword about 1.5 inches. I was wondering if it is against code to just lengthen the existing pipe and build a platform out of pressure treated wood or concrete instead of jackhammering the area and physically moving the plumbing. I have been looking for the Alberta code but cannot find anything.

    I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    Please try and help. Thank you!!!!

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    Re: Plumbing pipes

    Building a platform is code compliant (under US codes), but it looks like hell. I would demo the concrete and do it right. BTW in the US you would have to upgrade the drain to 2" but I understand in Canada 1.5" is acceptable.