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  • Touch Faucet

    Any of you install these things?
    I suspect it uses the same electronics as those miserable infamous touch lamps!
    The touch lamps cause serious radio interference!!!

    So have any of you tested the touch faucet for radio interference?

    I believe this is more gimmick than useful as the infrared sensor style will
    turn on the water, flush the toilet, provide soap, and paper towels without you
    having to "touch the appliance" and catching cooties!

    So are we now so lazy the touch faucet will replace using our hands at home to
    turn on/off the water in the kitchen?

    Finally regarding I the only one that washes his hands after using the facility?

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Touch Faucet

    I have installed the Delta proximinty sensing facuets. Smart Solutions - Proximity™ Sensing Technology : Delta Commercial Faucets They work really well and do not interfer with the radios used in the buildings they where instaleld in. Also there is no touching invloved it uses a 4" field around the body of the once a person puts their hand in the field, the faucet is turned on. When the person removes their hand it turns off with in 2 seconds.
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      Re: Touch Faucet

      How bout the Kohler toilet that is like 3 or 4 grand, it'll do everything for ya, and wash and wax the car too!
      Oh. And on the cooties thing, plumbers have to wash there hands BEFORE they go.
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        Re: Touch Faucet

        I have installed the delta , It is run by battery seems OK , NO Interference you can touch it with the side of your arm .

        Will be interesting to see the durability in the long run ...


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          Re: Touch Faucet

          i'd like having the battery concession. breid................


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            Re: Touch Faucet

            Let me add to my original posting to perhaps glean better responses.

            I am a Ham Radio operator amateur Radio KA7GKN

            When on the air we experience all sorts of noise from poorly filtered and designed
            consumer electronics...
            for example:
            plasma TV sets generate horrific radio interference. this is generated by the internal electronics I'll pass on the
            Power tool battery chargers have a pulsing type interference
            Electric fences generate all sorts of noise
            Motor powered devices like blenders electric shavers and vacuum cleaners generate lots of noise
            Fish tank heaters and electric blankets cause all sorts of interference.
            I could go on but I think you get the idea.....

            The infamous touch lamp uses an oscillator circuit that generates radio interference and at the other end
            when someone transmits a signal on 10-40 meters [ham bands] they can cause the lamp to flicker or cycle on/bright/off
            as the touch circuit acts like a radio receiver antenna

            The introduction of the touch faucet concerns me by the radio noise it generates and perhaps
            when I transmit I could activate the faucet.

            If you follow the forums you'll notice I have discussed the Drill Doctor motors causing radio interference and the fix.
            I also reviewed the 4 generations of the Ridgid single multi-chemistry battery charger.

            So with all that in mind has anyone tested these faucets to address any potential problems?
            I did contact customer service at Delta Faucet but all I received was the deer in the headlights stare!

            Cactus Man