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  • Enclosed/Exposed Ratchet

    What is the difference in an Enclosed Ratchet and a Exposed Ratchet?

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    Re: Enclosed/Exposed Ratchet

    the enclosed unit is some what like a ratchet drive, and the center that drive the die is part of the ratchet unit,
    on the exposed, the die is part of the ratchet unit, and there is a collar and a paw (for lack of better description) that is on the ratchet unit,

    the picture is the enclosed ratchet driver, and the second is the exposed ratchet driver, and the next is a die from the enclosed it fits in a kinda of socket of the ratchet, and the second unit has the groves in it that the drive paw/pin catches and rotates the die it self,
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      I do not understand BHD's writing style, he makes no sense to me.
      Can someone articulate what is the difference between these and the advantages and disadvantages of each:
      1. Enclosed Ratchet
      2. Exposed Ratchet
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        In Enclosed Ratchet, all matched Threader/Sets include Die Heads, Ratchet Assembly, Ratchet Handle, and Alloy Dies. All Threader Sets use same 12-R Dies in Die Head.

        Whereas In Exposed Ratchet, Threader Set features a ratchet knob that indicates forward or reverse. It includes 1/2 in., 3/4 in. and 1 in. died heads and alloy dies, a ratchet handles and ratchet assembly.​


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          Not a clear explanation in here of the difference between the two types but this is a link to the RIDGID catalog which includes their threading tools.

          Attached are some parts lists and instructions for manual threaders.

          Also an 'official' response to your question I found online supposedly from RIDGID , but not on the RIDGID website.

          Click image for larger version

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