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Drinking water faucets and air gap?

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  • Drinking water faucets and air gap?

    I need to eather replace or rebuild my current drinking water faucet. What brands and models have easy to rebuild and good parts availability with ceramic disc? Made in the USA would be preferred.

    Jumping to air gap will an air gap faucet work on this or none air gap is required?

    I'm unshire of the brand I currently have (faucet) but it whose included as a filter and faucet package deal. It lookes similer to the link bellow. Are these typically rebuildable? Anyway to positively ID it? How do I take it apart for rebuild?


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    Re: Drinking water faucets and air gap?

    The air gap versions are for those that have the extra hole in the sink being used by a dishwasher air gap. If you do not have a dishwasher air gap installed then you do not need the faucet with the air gap built in.
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      Re: Drinking water faucets and air gap?

      Air-gap faucets prevent backflow and are designed to be used with reverse osmosis drinking water systems. Reverse osmosis water production produces a permeate water stream and a waste stream. In instances when the waste stream will drain into the kitchen sink waste line this provides the reqired sanitary air gap.stainless steel sink...
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