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How to replace seat on one piece Kohler toilet?

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  • How to replace seat on one piece Kohler toilet?

    Hey Guys,

    I went over to my buddy's house last night to help him put a new toilet seat on and it was a royal PITA. He has a one piece Kohler toilet and the seat is anchored in, instead of an accessible nut under the bolt. So I pulled the anchors (which were frozen shut and broke) and now I'm searching for a solution to get a solid bolt in place for the new seat. By googling it I see that this is a common problem with these so I'm wondering if some of you have come up with your own novel solutions instead of going for the $47 anchor replacement kit.

    He also already went ahead and bought one of those "quick removal" toilet seats for easy cleaning so I am looking to be able to use the bolts that came with it. Or I may just tell him he has to buy a new seat style so I can put in normal bolts.

    Any thoughts?



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    Re: How to replace seat on one piece Kohler toilet?

    andrew, welcome to the wonderful world of kohler junk. too many kohler rocket scientist and no real plumbers that consult with kohler.

    i actually wrote up a thread about this exact issue a couple months back. the hard part is done. removing the rotted anchors without damaging the china was the hard part.

    kohler should send you the anchor kit for free. talk to customer service. otherwise buy stainless bolts and if you can find them, stainless toggle wings or molly inserts.

    toto uses a rubber insert plug that expands on some of their 1 pc. toilets. not a bad setup, but they still wobble.

    a decent hardware store will have the rubber well nuts that expand in various sizes.

    good luck. next time do as the rest of the pros and don't buy kohler.

    phoebe it is