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Wall mount Toilets - Aquia? Duravit?

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  • Wall mount Toilets - Aquia? Duravit?

    I recently installed the Geberit UP320 Duofix in wall carrier with a Duravit Stark II toilet. We've had no problems and the install wasn't too bad at all just following the directions. I'm pleasantly surprised how comfortable the seat is actually, the pictures didn't look so good in that respect.

    Now I'm about to do another pair. Two UP320 carriers back to back, feeding to a single down feed. As this is not for us, rental, I'm looking for a less expensive toilet. The Aquia wall mount is fairly reasonable and I'm wondering if the more experienced here have comments or recommendations? Yes I'm slightly concerned about siphoning, but hoping that Geberit wouldn't be offering the option if it were a large issue...........

    As to why the hell I've chosen to go wall hung? At home and for a rental? We'll.........

    In these older houses the toilet waste line ended up protruding on the basement ceiling and I just hate that. I also like / prefer the aesthetic. But really it's the keeping the area below the bathroom not feeling like a basement under a toilet space. And yes, the money part of it sucks but not enough to skip it........ And the rough is already plumbed for it so no backing out now.