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foam insultation

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  • foam insultation

    Just wondering which types of foam insulation are best.

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    Re: foam insultation

    What are you trying to accomplish? Asking what is the best anything will open up a conversation where nobody will get anywhere because nobody will know exactly what you are trying to do.

    I use the spray foam I buy from Home Depot. Minimal expanding foam for sealing around doors and windows, the other stuff for everything else. I do not use foam in anyplace where it will come in contact with water. Despite popular belief, the foam will not forever repel water, it will eventually act as a sponge and retain water causing problems.

    There is foam that hardens like a rock, foam that stays flexible, foam that does not expand much, foam that will make a 1/4" bead swell to over an inch, foam that is fire resistant, foam that makes cool colored smoke when you put a torch to it as it comes out of the can, foam that is an awesome adhesive if you touch it with your gloves, bare hands, or something you don't want ruined, and foam that will always clog the tip after you use maybe 2 ounces of the can. Foam is very versatile.
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