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Running Toilet.

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  • Running Toilet.

    One of our toilets is continuously allow water to drip, but it is dripping from the underside of the lip area in the commode - not the tank. Is there a way to correct this, or does it translate into the expense for a new toilet?


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    Re: Running Toilet.

    a leak 24/7 without flushing is typically the tank to bowl bolts and rubber washers under the bolts. try tightening or just replace the 2 or 3 bolts and washers. get the set that has a set of double nuts. this way you can securely tighten the bolts to the tank and then the tank to the bowl.

    if it only leaks when flushed, it's usually the flush valve spud washer. also is the tank to bowl loose and rocks?


    edit, i guess i miss interpreted the dripping on the underside of the lip of the commode. i thought you meant onto the floor from the tank to bowl connection.

    dye test the tank with food coloring. if the flush valve is old school brass, you could either buff it or sand it out. plastic just replace the complete flush valve.

    an american standard tilt flush valve, the fluidmaster flusher fixer kit works good too.
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    phoebe it is


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      Re: Running Toilet.

      Could be:

      1 - Bad flush valve ( that's the flapper thingy with the chain attached)
      2 - Bad or mis-adjusted fill valve ( that's the one that the ball or float is attached to )

      If it were me I would go to the hardware store and get the Fluidmaster kit that has both in it and rebuild the tank. Instructions are included.


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        Re: Running Toilet.

        Hard to tell if you mean underside lip area of the commode, as in inside the bowl, or on the backside under the tank.

        If it is the backside under the tank, if it is leaking all the time, it's the tank to bowl bolts, as Rick said.

        If it is dripping from the bottom side of the rim of the toilet inside the bowl, and it's leaking all the time, it is the flapper.

        Rick was right about the dye, that will 100% let you know what kind of leak it is.

        Water on, and dye in tank-
        Still dripping inside the bowl but no color? Fill valve.
        Color inside the bowl? Flapper.

        You can also reach inside the tank and press down on the flapper and see if the leak stops, this is of course, if it is leaking inside the bowl, and not on the floor.