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Shower-Sudden Cold Water Low Pressure/Flow

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    Re: Shower-Sudden Cold Water Low Pressure/Flow

    Originally posted by Big Jim View Post
    Insert spring first then rubber cup. It will protrude a little but that's normal.
    If spring is bigger on one end that the other, insert big end first.
    Rubber should have a little ridge around the outside to help hold it in the hole with a friction fit.
    Success! Whew! After a couple tries. Apparently I wasn't seating the stem properly at first, was very hard to see the notch guides on each side that match with the notches on the stem housing. Thus, after tightening the flow would not completely stop when the faucet was off. Then, (brainstorm! LOL) marked the notch positions with a Sharpie so could see them better from the top. Lined em up, insert and tightened. Voila!

    Also, the toothpaste trick worked well to help hold the spring and rubber cup just enough. Friction alone would not hold the cup enough.

    Now have normal cold water flow.

    My wife sends her DEEP appreciation!! She (and I) was starting to worry that we would still have to call a plumber and would have to do w/o water, or let the tub faucet run, until fixed.

    Thanks!! A satisfied customer for sure!


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      Re: Shower-Sudden Cold Water Low Pressure/Flow

      I know this going to sound weird but I used a pencil to install delta seat and springs.
      And it worked 99% of the time.