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    Re: Hand Roll Groover

    Originally posted by bmitch00 View Post
    Check out the 975 Combo Groover. It'll do 4" Sch 80. It's an in-place and a power-driven unit (hence the "combo" name). It's a pretty nice unit.
    what do you want to bet that brian/ bmitch00 is the brains behind that groover

    brian is one of the engineers at ridgid and is now the big man behind the drain cleaning products.

    he's also one of the only employees at ridgid that's a regular on the forum

    so brian can set us all straight when need be

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Hand Roll Groover

      Cut a few feet off of it roll groove it on the floor and glue it back of with a coupling.

      My welder loves Victolic


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        Re: Hand Roll Groover

        I guess I should have been more specific about the job.
        1. It's a hotel that has had boiler room leaks since it opened less than two years ago.
        2. The goal, is to eliminate as much as the PVC and glue joints as possible, and replace it with copper per the owners.
        3. It seems the only area affected by leaking PVC is in the boiler room, as the rest of the hotel doesn't have leakage issues.
        4. There is a daily window of 4 hours for water shut down, and I have to cause as little interruption as possible during the transition.
        5. I will be using Uni-flanges where the water main enters and exits the boiler room, and replace everything else in ProPress.
        6. That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it. Unless someone has a better idea.